Crockpot Chicken Enchiladas Verde

Mexican is what’s for dinner on Tasteful Tuesday!

I will warn you it’s a tad spicy!!!



cooking spray

10 boneless chicken tenders

mild taco seasoning

verde salsa

fiesta blend shreeded cheese

soft flour tortillas

enchiladas red sauce for topping  (not pictured due to adding at the last minute)

guacamole (for topping)

sour cream (for topping)

olives (optional for topping)


You can cook this recipe a couple of different ways.

-cook your meat with the verde salsa, water, and taco seasoning for several hours by itself in the crockpot for 4 hours.  You then spoon out the mixture, shred the chicken with a fork (it will be super easy).  Add mixture to tortilla, wrap it, add the cheese to the top, and cook for 1 hour in the crockpot


as I have done it shown below…


cut up chicken tenders


place chicken, 1 cup of water, and taco seasoning into bowl and mix


add verde salsa and mix (totally looks gross, I know)


spray your crockpot with cooking spray and add 2 tortillas


add chicken mixture

top that layer with cheese

repeat twice


add another 2 tortillas and top with enchiladas red sauce and cheese (olives are optional)

cook for 5 hours

The difference between the 2 ways to cook is how it will look in the end.

-cooking the mixture separately and wrapping in the tortillas will make it more pretty looking

-cooking it my way makes it more of a casserole look


Doesn’t look pretty, I know but it is soooo good!

Add some sour cream and guacamole with Mexican rice and enjoy!

xoxo cheri


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